Family fun in San Francisco

As the summer wound down to its final days before the crazy chaos that was sure to descend upon our household with the start of the new school year, our family of four decided to coordinate a few fun days away. With two young children (ages 6 and 7) in tow, my husband and I […]

Understanding Medicare

by Stephen Merrill I live in Orange County and many of us are still working even after the age of 65…Many people are postponing enrolling into Medicare because they are still on their employer health insurance benefits or their spouses.  Below is some information that may clear up a few mysteries… Q: What if I’m […]

What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You Before You Started Your Own Business

by Jim Cover Like many of my clients, you might be self-employed and facing something similar to the stories below: high taxes, little to no retirement, and exposure to unnecessary risks.  You are operating a small company out of your home or garage; perhaps you sell Real Estate, are a consultant, or are building an […]

Network Print Solutions

Bridging the Gap between Company and Customer by Jackie Grade As we all know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression: to leave a lasting impact on those whom you come in contact with. The simple feel of a quality business card, a visually appealing postcard design or a clean, clearly […]

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

By Albert Alan Aizin It would be very helpful if there was some type of retirement yardstick to measure your progress against.  Fidelity Investments, back in 2012, came up with their version of “The Magical Number*.”  According to Fidelity, typical wage earners at age 65 should have approximately eight times their final annual pay set […]

What’s Yours Is Mine, Right?

By Genene Dunn It is commonly known that California is a community property state and when a person gets married, there is no longer a thought process of “what’s mine is mine” as it then becomes “what’s mine is ours.” While most people understand the concept of community property in that everything that is owned […]

United American Mortgage Company

Trusted, tried and true. That’s the reason why Irvine’s United American Mortgage has been successful for over 20 years. Since 1993, UAMC specializes in providing mortgage-financing solutions to homeowners and homebuyers. You’re almost tired of reading about it but it’s true: the mortgage meltdown hurt more than a few and people are still trying to […]

PDC Capital Group: Specializing in Senior Assisted Living Projects

America is a nation of immigrants. Our position as the economic engine of the world would simply not have been possible without the generations of immigrants who have come to our shores from every corner of the globe – in fact, one in every four jobs in the U.S. was developed by an immigrant. Today, […]

Failing to Keep Your Corporation in Compliance Can Expose You to Personal Liability

These days, many Mom and Pop businesses are being run as corporations. These closely-held corporations are typically owned and managed by one or two people; thus, the shareholders are typically also the only officers and directors. One of the benefits of operating as a corporation, as opposed to a sole proprietorship, is risk-management. The owners […]

Kelly, Help!

Kelly Klaus, LMFT, was a divorced mother of three for 19 years and is now the proud parent of three successful adults. Now married and a bonus mother (stepmother), Kelly is getting firsthand experience as a blended family. With her passion for the children of divorce, she has specialized in the divorce therapeutic process including […]