“Behind the Orange Curtain”: Prescription Drug Abuse in OC

Its no secret prescription drug abuse has caused many deaths in the youth of America, especially in recent years. Most parents are aware of this problem, but still hold on to the mentality that their child wouldn’t participate in these types of behaviors. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of prescription drug abusers, and we are greatly impacted by this here in Orange County. Natalie Costa, owner of The Performer’s Academy teamed up with film director Brent Huff to create a life changing documentary titled “Behind The Orange Curtain” that’s quickly gained attentionfrom the media, schools, parents and residents ofOrange County.

So why is the OC in particular so vulnerable to this problem? “We discovered it began largely in part due to the children born of upper middle class having disposable income with little to no supervision. With the help of a dirty doctor, some cash for the prescription and either insurance or cash to the pharmacy, the sharing chain begins. Orange County alone has approximately 14 physicians under the microscope of the DEA,” comments Natalie.

Shown at schools and private screenings across the OC, “Behind The Orange Curtain” has educated thousands of children, teachers and parents on the dangers of abusing prescription drugs, and what measures are being taken to fight the problem. “For most, the problem starts at home in the average medicine cabinet,” Natalie adds.

For Natalie, the inspiration to create this film came a little too close to home. After her daughter’s friend passed away due to a prescription drug overdose, she learned hundreds of teens in the area had died the same tragic way. Natalie considered herself a “mom-in-the-know” and still hadn’t heard of this danger for teens. “It was even more shocking to learn these were teens were good kids from good families. That’s why it’s so dangerous, it can happen to anyone,” Natalie says.

Anyone interested in a private screening at their home or arranging a viewing at their school or group is encouraged to contact Natalie immediately. She also includes a Q&A panel discussion for her large group showings. You can reach her at 949-609-1600. Education is the key to conquering this problem. Talk to your teenager today.