Failing to Keep Your Corporation in Compliance Can Expose You to Personal Liability

These days, many Mom and Pop businesses are being run as corporations. These closely-held corporations are typically owned and managed by one or two people; thus, the shareholders are typically also the only officers and directors. One of the benefits of operating as a corporation, as opposed to a sole proprietorship, is risk-management. The owners […]

Kelly, Help!

Kelly Klaus, LMFT, was a divorced mother of three for 19 years and is now the proud parent of three successful adults. Now married and a bonus mother (stepmother), Kelly is getting firsthand experience as a blended family. With her passion for the children of divorce, she has specialized in the divorce therapeutic process including […]

Trustees: Before Acting, First Call

“My husband wanted me to call. We’re selling dad’s house, and we just wanted to confirm that there is no personal liability for my sister Nancy and me as trustees in listing the place.” This question was posed by the daughter of a longtime client who had recently passed away after naming his daughters as […]

Hungry Heart

It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you,” says Sara. Sara is a Hungry Heart success story; walking proof that every problem starts and ends with the heart. She had been a serial dieter for years, constantly losing and regaining weight. It wasn’t until she started The Hungry Heart program that she got down […]