Wild Birds Unlimited Bringing Birding into the Backyard

I went bird watching for the first time recently with a friend who is utterly obsessed with the Snowy Plover. A pretty inconspicuous, pale bird, the Plover is what the birding world calls a ‘wader’. Darting in and out of the sea foam as it rolls over the sand, the plover stops intermittently and pecks […]

Gorilla Grass

Owning your own home is a huge part of the American dream – but it’s not just owning a home … it’s the pride of ownership that extends to the care you put into the way the property looks – inside and out. The front lawn is one of the first things about your home […]

Skin Cancer + Cosmetics. Kristy Fleming, MD, FAAD Changing the Face of Dermatology

It takes a trained eye to note the subtle shading needed to contour a surfboard. To taper the rails just so. To send the airbrush lightly over the fin box and trace the shape perfectly, symmetrically, precisely. It takes a trained eye to paint the female form, to counter shadow and shape until a living […]

Experimac – a one of a kind “Everything Apple” store serving Huntington Beach

Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair, Upgrade Pre-Owned Apple products If you own an Apple product (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) – or ever thought about leaving the “dark side” and switching to Apple, then you simply have to visit the Experimac store at Brookhurst & Ellis in Fountain Valley. The father and son team of Bob […]

Australian Swim School Celebrating 40 Years of Swim Safety in Orange County!

I’m going to be honest: It is my dream to see my daughters swim in the Olympics. When running through the list of activities that they would do as children, swimming was at the top of my list – way above dance class, soccer practice and piano lessons. So, when we found Australian Swim School’s […]

Concierge Podiatry & Spa Newport Beach

Revolutionizing the Nail and Foot Care Industry If you haven’t seen the popular television series Parks and Recreation, we need to talk. But what I really need to know is if you’ve heard the popular phrase coined on the show: “treat yo’ self”. For its creators, that means a cashmere scarf or crystal brooch when […]

Q & A with Al Hensling, President of United American Mortgage

With conventional financing at all-time lows of as little as 3% down, OC families look to purchase or refinance in the new year. By many industry seers’ accounts, families will be back in the market for homes in 2015. Is your family one of them? Before you pull the trigger, Al Hensling, President of United […]

Concierge’s Podiatry’s new EXCLUSIVE Medical Pedicure

Newport Mesa Magazine reporters recently sat down with Dr. Ivar Roth to discuss Concierge’s Podiatry’s new EXCLUSIVE Medical Pedicure and what it means to have a dedicated professional offering this service. Newport Mesa Magazine: We understand that Concierge Podiatry is offering this new service, how is it different from a standard pedicure? Dr Ivar Roth:  […]

Mission Viejo Wigs: Where Customers are “Family”

by Jody Robinson Mission Viejo Wigs is truly a family business. Not in the traditional sense, where its owners and operators share the same genes. But rather in such a way that every person who has walked through Owner Betty Darroch’s doors in the 30+ years she has been in operation immediately felt like a […]

SPOTLIGHT ON: Hotel California by the Sea

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men Over 30 by Ann Laurence executives photos by Al Nomura You might think you know what an alcoholic or addict looks and acts like. There’s a perception that people who abuse substances live substandard lives. But if you review current statistics regarding the growing number of high-functioning and […]