You Grow, Pro

If you’re a business owner – whether you’re a small fish or big fish – you can’t escape the growing importance of online marketing. Neither could Dave Greek when he was running one of Orange County’s most productive mortgage companies prior to the atomic bomb now commonly known as the housing crisis. With a degree […]

Emergency planning for seniors and their caregivers

Limited mobility and medical conditions can make seniors particularly vulnerable during natural disasters.Just consider some of the stories that emerged after November’s Hurricane Sandy and how seniors were dealt an especially hard blow.Many were trapped without power and water for days in high-rise buildings. Some took daring steps to escape rising water. Others drowned in […]

Destination: San Francisco

Although a weekend may not seem like enough elsewhere, it’s plenty of time to explore the highlights of San Francisco and come away with a taste of the many culinary adventures, recreational activities and cultural attractions that abound. At about six miles square, it’s easy to traverse the city in a day (see sidebar for […]

Scott E. West, DDS

Did you know you could sleep your way to a better life? That’s exactly what Scott E. West, DDS, helps his patients do. Specializing in snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP intolerance, Dr. West has been the premier expert for treating sleep problems with highly customized treatments, designed exclusively on a case-by-case basis. “We don’t have […]