Who Will Raise My Child?

Most people read the newspaper or watch the news on television every day and see story after story of tragedies that leave young children with no parents. We then ask ourselves, “What’s going to happen to those poor kids?” but very few know the answer to that question. When a parent dies, normally the other […]

“Behind the Orange Curtain”: Prescription Drug Abuse in OC

Its no secret prescription drug abuse has caused many deaths in the youth of America, especially in recent years. Most parents are aware of this problem, but still hold on to the mentality that their child wouldn’t participate in these types of behaviors. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of prescription drug abusers, and we are […]

Independence Bank

A true “Community Bank” Independence Bank is everything you would expect from a local financial institution with roots in the cities it serves. The members of its friendly dedicated staff are familiar faces in many community organizations and at virtually every regional community event. Independence Bank’s customers are reflective of the communities served by each […]

Monterey, Baby!

It wasn’t like I planned to go on a mini vacation. I just moved here from Idaho and after spending far too many lonely nights a’ la Bridget Jones’ Diary, I considered it a sort of serendipity when I got the crazy news my two best friends from back home were in town and wanted […]

Concierge Podiatry Introduces

Concierge Podiatry,is excited to introduce a newly launched service for nail and skin problems: The Podiacurist™. It is a cosmetology-licensed pedicurist trained in the medical treatment of corns, calluses and nails under the supervision of a Podiatrist. This enhanced specialized service occupies a unique place in the podiatric medical field, much like a dental hygienist […]