What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You Before You Started Your Own Business

by Jim Cover Like many of my clients, you might be self-employed and facing something similar to the stories below: high taxes, little to no retirement, and exposure to unnecessary risks.  You are operating a small company out of your home or garage; perhaps you sell Real Estate, are a consultant, or are building an […]

What’s Yours Is Mine, Right?

By Genene Dunn It is commonly known that California is a community property state and when a person gets married, there is no longer a thought process of “what’s mine is mine” as it then becomes “what’s mine is ours.” While most people understand the concept of community property in that everything that is owned […]

Trustees: Before Acting, First Call

“My husband wanted me to call. We’re selling dad’s house, and we just wanted to confirm that there is no personal liability for my sister Nancy and me as trustees in listing the place.” This question was posed by the daughter of a longtime client who had recently passed away after naming his daughters as […]

Who Will Raise My Child?

Most people read the newspaper or watch the news on television every day and see story after story of tragedies that leave young children with no parents. We then ask ourselves, “What’s going to happen to those poor kids?” but very few know the answer to that question. When a parent dies, normally the other […]

Be Prepared for Change

In one of those saving moments that professors, actors, and ball players occasionally offer to salvage a wasted class, an amateurish play or a badly executed game, a Psychology PhD. ended his semester by telling his class “No information, technique or skill will ever be as valuable as this single adage: Be prepared for change. […]