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Concierge Podiatry,is excited to introduce a newly launched service for nail and skin problems: The Podiacurist™. It is a cosmetology-licensed pedicurist trained in the medical treatment of corns, calluses and nails under the supervision of a Podiatrist. This enhanced specialized service occupies a unique place in the podiatric medical field, much like a dental hygienist in a dentist’s office. The Podiacurist™ can now provide medical grade care of corns, calluses and toenails in a clean, sterilized manner, utilizing the same tools and techniques that a Podiatrist would use.

Other skills and services that make the Podiacurist™ unique from a pedicurist is their familiarity and training with foot-related nail and skin conditions. The Podiacurist identifies patient concerns and directs them to the supervising Podiatrist within the office. This close working relationship under the direction of the Podiatrist allows for optimal pampering along with focused examination – a win-win that results in the highest quality care at an affordable cost for our valued clients.

New service reduces common concerns
One of the most common issues surrounding today’s nail salons is the risk for infection due to the use of contaminated or improperly sterilized instruments. Concierge Podiatry’s Podiacurist service mitigates this concern because of the proper protocols of sterilization techniques and infection control. The Podiacurist is also able to handle any nail or skin condition no matter how severe because of our medical orientation, unlike nail salons, which are unable to use medical instruments and scalpels to care for corns and calloused tissue.

Sophisticated instrumentation vs. nail salons
The use of scalpels for callouses by the Podiacurist at Concierge Podiatry allows for a more efficient and effective treatment than being limited to the use of files, which is all that’s allowed legally in a nail salon. The same can be said for nail conditions wherein the Podiacurist uses medical grade nail instruments and power files with HEPA-certified dust extractors. These allow a dust free environment while providing smooth andshapely nails.

Ultimate pampering meets medical standards
In addition to providing the finest in foot care, Concierge Podiatry’s Podiacurist also offers luxurious pampering services, including spa treatments, nail polishing, foot baths, hot paraffin treatments, foot massage, skin exfoliation and cleansing for the feet, foot facials, mask products, etc.

Finally, Newport Beach offers a truly unique luxurious nail spa experience using the highest quality care with the benefit of expert medical supervision.

Connect with Gina, the nation’s first “PodiacuristTM” at Concierge Podiatry in Newport Beach, by calling (949) 640-1147.

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