Concierge Podiatry & Spa Newport Beach

Photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography

Revolutionizing the Nail and Foot Care Industry

If you haven’t seen the popular television series Parks and Recreation, we need to talk. But what I really need to know is if you’ve heard the popular phrase coined on the show: “treat yo’ self”. For its creators, that means a cashmere scarf or crystal brooch when the holiday rolls around on October 13. But this year, I’m going to make my treat a wonderful new routine: a resort-style podiatry experience at Concierge Podiatry and Spa in Newport Beach.

Inspired by the natural beauty of coastal Southern California, the Spa – which encompasses the entire penthouse level of the building it resides in on Old Newport Blvd. – is defined by an understated elegance in its architectural lines, interior design and stunning décor (we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves).

The innovative concept behind this beautiful sanctuary as envisioned by its creator, Dr. Ivar Roth, DPM/MPH, combines the medical expertise of podiatry with manicure, pedicure and massage services in a luxurious, resort-style spa.

Destined to emerge as the region’s foremost destination for nail and foot care, the seasoned professionals at Concierge Podiatry and Spa can not only beautify your feet, but also treat cracked heels, ingrown nails and nail fungus using state-of-the-art treatments.


Following a 5-star service model, Concierge Podiatry and Spa is out to revolutionize your relationship with your feet. Dr. Roth wants you to know that as you’re standing there reading this, you’re probably balanced incorrectly.

“People don’t know that this issue can affect the hip, knee, back – most feet are not ergonomically correct,” he says. “The spa has been a dream of mine for many years. I’m trying to revolutionize the industry – taking aspects of the podiatry world and infusing them into your beauty routine.”

Most nail salons either treat preexisting conditions incorrectly with substandard sanitary routines, or simply cover up problems with polish and lotions.

Back row from (L): Ken Wright (Nail Technician), Dr. Farshad Bathaee, DPM (Podiatrist), Dr. Ivar E. Roth, DPM, MPH (Founder & Medical Director), Dr. Brian Constantine, DPM (Podiatrist), Elizabeth Janica (Nail Technician). Front row from (L): Mary Ann Kilgore (Spa Manager) and Stacy Varavvas Pomeroy (Office Administrator)

Status as a Safe Salon is nothing to shake a stick at, and by making Concierge the go-to destination for your nail care needs, be assured you are doing so in a facility held to the highest safety and cleanliness standards.
Each client that walks through the doors is seen by a doctor at no additional cost to identify any issues and chat about available treatment options.

With a focus that includes but isn’t limited to the aesthetic, you can expect a full-service treatment.

“There is a large gap in care between what a pedicurist does and a doctor of podiatry does,” says Dr. Roth. “In the state of California a pedicurist cannot use a scalpel or any instrument that can result in the cutting or penetrating of the skin. Also, a pedicurist cannot work on any foot or toes that have an infection. At least 50% of the population has a fungus nail infection or fungus infection of the feet. Warts, (which look like corns) are also a viral infection of the skin. Other conditions include calluses, corns and cracked heels. We can educate, examine and eradicate all at the same place.”

“We routinely see so many people come in with issues they didn’t even realize could have such a huge impact on their overall health,” adds Spa Manager Mary Ann Kilgore. It’s funny talking about foot care like it’s life changing. But what makes us unique is that by being Advanced Nail Certified, we’re recognizing problems that can actually have an impact on the way you live your life.”

Think these premium services come at a premium price? Concierge Podiatry & Spa offers “the best of the best at a reasonable price.”

“We want our clients to have the peace of mind that everything is being done correctly and in a clean environment,” says Dr. Roth. “We’ll treat it AND pamper you in a way that you can feel safe about, all in a beautiful setting.” What are you waiting for? Treat yo’ self.


One of the most common issues surrounding today’s nail salons is the risk for infection due to the use of contaminated or improperly sterilized instruments. Concierge Podiatry & Spa mitigates this concern because of the proper protocols of sterilization techniques and infection control. Specially trained nail technicians and access to a podiatrist allow clients to address any nail or skin condition no matter how severe. By contrast, traditional nail salons are unable to use medical instruments and scalpels to care for corns and calloused tissue.


Dr. Roth’s use of scalpels for callouses allows for a more efficient and effective treatment than being limited to the use of files, which is all that’s allowed legally in a nail salon. The same can be said for nail conditions wherein the Concierge Spa nail technician uses medical grade nail instruments and power files with HEPA-certified dust extractors. These allow a dust free environment while providing smooth and shapely nails.


In addition to providing the finest in foot care, Concierge Podiatry & Spa also offers luxurious pampering services, including spa treatments, nail polishing, foot baths, hot paraffin treatments,
foot massage, skin exfoliation and cleansing for the feet, foot facials, mask products, etc.

Finally … Newport Beach offers a truly unique luxurious nail spa experience using the highest quality care with the benefit of expert medical supervision.

Questions? Need to make an appointment? Call (949) 650-1147. Dr. Roth’s exciting new spa is located at 495 Old Newport Blvd, Suite 300 in Newport Beach. For more info, visit