Concierge’s Podiatry’s new EXCLUSIVE Medical Pedicure

Newport Mesa Magazine reporters recently sat down with Dr. Ivar Roth to discuss Concierge’s Podiatry’s new EXCLUSIVE Medical Pedicure and what it means to have a dedicated professional offering this service.
Newport Mesa Magazine: We understand that Concierge Podiatry is offering this new service, how is it different from a standard pedicure?

Dr Ivar Roth:  Medical Pedicures are now being offered in my office because there is a huge need for this medical based service, especially for those people who are at risk for infection.  The podiacurists in my office have specialized training in how to care for people with at risk feet. This group of patients includes those with Diabetics, have poor circulation, cancer, wound care, and patients who have had transplants. Of course we also offer these services to anyone wanting that extra level of care and sterility or are afraid of standard pedicure shops

Newport Mesa Magazine: What additional training do your Podiacurists have?

Dr Ivar Roth:  They are employees of my medical practice who have had extensive experience with the common foot conditions that I treat every day in my office. They are state registered pedicurists who have taken and passed two extra certification programs, the advanced nail and medical nail technician programs and completed 400 hours of training in my office to become Podiacurists TM. What this all means is they are like dental hygienists for the feet. The Podiacurist is additionally trained in the techniques, using the tools and instruments that a podiatrist uses.

Newport Mesa Magazine: What Podiatry skills and instruments do the Podiacurists use?

Dr Ivar Roth:  The Podiacurists are trained to use binocular microscope glasses when performing their procedures.  They use four unique instruments used in a Podiatrists office. These instruments are the scalpel to efficiently and effectively shave off the callouses and corns, a medical grade Tissue nipper to clip  and remove deep corns, a large and powerful nail cutter for thick toenails, and a special diamond surfaced power sander with a HEPA vacuum system to remove the dust and debris to smooth the skin and nails.

Newport Mesa Magazine: What advantage is there to using these special instruments?

Dr Ivar Roth:  Because Podiacurists are using the binocular microscope they are able to see every detail of the toes in high magnification. This enables them to provide a superior outcome because they can see everything magnified as they are working.  Using the scalpel means that the callouses and corns are really removed not just the superficial layer that is removed with a file in a salon. This deep debridement of the callous means superior instant relief and a longer lasting pedicure.
Newport News. Does anything like this exist anywhere else?

Dr Ivar Roth  The answer is NO. I have taken the skills of a licensed pedicurist, had them take the two advanced certification courses and then  have taught them the podiatry skill set that I  developed for them to be true professionals.

Newport Mesa Magazine: What other services can the Podiacurists offer to their clients?

Dr Ivar Roth  Besides the actual treatments they are in constant contact with me as I am available for any questions that they have concerning their clients care. The Podiacurists have been trained to recognize abnormal skin and nail problems, so I can be consulted chair side or they can recommend that the client be seen by me later for their concerns. This situation makes it a one stop shop for any foot issues.

Newport Mesa Magazine: Will these premium services come at a premium price?

Dr Ivar Roth  The basic Medical pedicure is $75.00 which includes cutting of the nails, and removing the corns and callouses. The feet are first soaked and cleaned and after the service a foot massage is provided, nail polish will also be applied.

Newport Mesa Magazine: We understand you are going to offer a special let’s get acquainted offer for first time clients?

Dr Ivar Roth  Yes, this is a Newport News Exclusive offer. Your readers will receive half off their first medical pedicure. They must call and mention this ad within the next 7 days.

Newport Mesa Magazine: Thank you for the interview Dr. Roth, what are your final thoughts.

Dr Ivar Roth  I hope that the readers will take advantage of this special offer to find out how unique our services are and how their feet will be healthy, look pretty and feel their best.

Concierge Podiatry is located at 351 Hospital Road Suite 407 in Newport Beach. Our Telephone number is (949) 650-1147.


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