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It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you,” says Sara. Sara is a Hungry Heart success story; walking proof that every problem starts and ends with the heart. She had been a serial dieter for years, constantly losing and regaining weight. It wasn’t until she started The Hungry Heart program that she got down to “the heart of the matter” between her and food.

Lauren Grant has made a business out of helping people like Sara permanently overcome emotional overeating. In a time when many businesses are waning, The Hungry Heart is expanding. Unlike other products that might fall out of demand in a harder economy, our attitudes towards food and how to cope with our emotions, especially during stressful times, is something that will always be present. With economic lulls putting more stress on us than usual, a busy holiday season behind us, and warm weather ahead of us, The Hungry Heart philosophy is more relevant than ever. Most Americans start thinking about two things: how to refresh their life attitude, and how to finally lose that weight they’ve gained and keep it off. The Hungry Heart is a program aimed at fulfilling these very resolutions.

“This is a program that’s designed for people who want to make a permanent change and not live from diet to diet and scale to scale,” says Jaemi Taylor, after finishing her third session of the eight-session Hungry Heart program.

The success of The Hungry Heart starts at the simplest level: it’s a program that really works. Lauren Grant has created a program with a unique approach to overeating. Instead of dealing with the outward problem, the fact that a person cannot stop the diet/binge cycle, she starts with the inward challenge.

“You need to find out what’s triggering your body to feel like it needs to eat,” explains Lauren. “In most cases, it will be because of an inability to deal with emotions like stress, fear, anger worthlessness, sadness, anxiety, or even the simplest feelings of boredom. When a person doesn’t feel they have the confidence or know how to face these kinds of emotions, they often turn to food to distract, comfort, or reward themselves. Through the program we help clients regain control over how they cope with life and the emotions created by life. In this, they regain a quality of life that they had lost before, they stop seeing food as either a problem or a solution, and they lose weight naturally and permanently.”

“Our eight-session systematic program combines behavioral and nutritional counseling with hypnosis to reinforce new behaviors and thought patterns,” says Desiree Eidlhuber, a woman who began as a Hungry Heart client and is now a Hungry Heart counselor. “It’s a guilt-free, safe and discreet environment where you will get positive results.” Within the Hungry Heart web site, informational brochures and mission statements, this promise is constantly reiterated. You will see positive and consistent results. According to the people who’ve tried the program, that promise is fully delivered.

“This program really worked… it addressed my emotional eating- an issue that none of my other diets or programs addressed,” says Laura, a Hungry Heart grad and Laguna Niguel resident. “I knew how to lose weight. I knew how to eat and how to exercise. I just didn’t know why I wasn’t implementing these aspects to lose weight. The Hungry Heart Program taught me why my ‘former dieting self’ personal wasn’t working. It taught me how to retrain my mind, let go of old negative patterns that were holding me back, and gave me the tools to recognize bad habits and overcome them. I feel a renewed sense of self and confidence to be healthy, happy and me!”

A personal note from Billie to her Hungry Heart counselor reads: “I was at 225 pounds. Today I am now 195 pounds and feeling great. I went from a size 20 jeans to a size 16; my goal is a size 12 and I know I can do it. I have the perfect tools you gave me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. “

Lauren Grant’s extensive file of client testimonials has one common thread, gratitude for a change in attitude. Clients are most thankful that they were helped to regain a positive attitude towards themselves and their bodies, a change which ultimately led to their losing permanent weight.

Changed lives don’t keep quiet. Word spreads with this kind of a revolutionary program, especially when it gets around that you don’t have to stop eating sweets or pick up a killer fitness routine to get results. Even doctors are reaching for their soapboxes. Local doctors in South Orange County have started referring patients who have issues with emotional eating to the Hungry Heart Program. Clinically, it makes more long-term sense than a crash course aerobics class or a cold-turkey acquittal of food. “We even have a number of doctors and nurses who have clients in our program because they know that the system is carefully built for real results through healthy steps,” says Lauren. For this reason, new Hungry Heart team members like Shannon Leonard have been brought on. Leonard is a medical liaison between the doctors and the Hungry Heart counselors, showing how they can work together to meet the needs of people dealing with overeating.

With more and more people joining the program every day, hearing success stories from friends, or getting referrals from local doctors who believe in the program, Lauren and her current counselors are feeling the demand. The Hungry Heart is currently meeting with potential team members to meet the growing need.

“What I’m looking for are people who want to get involved in something that they can really believe in, and who have their own personal success story of overcoming their own issues with food,” says Lauren of the expansion and acquiring of new team members.

Besides adding people to her Orange County Crew, Lauren is also currently promoting the franchise opportunities available at the Hungry Heart. Franchisees are extensively trained in The Hungry Heart approach toward nutritional counseling and become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Health Educator. “I love my career,” says Linda Hill, a franchise owner since 2007. “I’m helping people dramatically change their lives. So many people are just overwhelmed in general. They don’t know where to start. We show them how to start experiencing their lives from a place of empowerment instead of from the perspective of being out of control. I had to deal with food on my own. I didn’t know about the Hungry Heart program when I was finding my way, but I still found it although the road was longer and harder. When I came across this comprehensive program I knew it was everything I learned to be true in the most accessible and life-changing format.”

“Through The Hungry Heart you can finally start taking care of yourself the way you’ve always wanted to and leave behind the underlying issues that have been holding you back. With summer inching closer, this is the perfect time,” says Lauren Grant.

With the Hungry Heart, food doesn’t have to be your life anymore. Food can finally be merely the fuel for the life you’ve always wanted, a guilt-free positive life where you’re in control.

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