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by Ann Laurence • photography by Melisa Chandler, Chandler Photography

As women, we care. It’s in our nature. We tirelessly look after the countless details of raising our children, maintaining our homes and furthering our careers. The women at Preferred Kitchen and Bath take this same passionate and detailed approach to every remodel they do. They realize that the kitchen is the heart of the home and that every detail of the space should evoke a feeling of familiarity and warmth.

As the owner/designer of the South County-based Preferred Kitchen and Bath, Julie Allen understands this and with over 20 years of experience designing in the clothing industry she realizes color, form and function are paramount. Designer Lea Biermann comes from a similar background with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Attention to detail is one her greatest strengths as she guides her clients through each step of the decision making process. Associate Designer Suzy Sparks also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and enjoys looking at each space with a fresh approach. This talented design trio possess the “designer’s eye” coupled with the construction knowledge needed to make your remodeling process a breeze.

“As designers, we love seeing the transformative process of remodeling,” says Julie. “Taking an old, outdated ‘waste of space’ kitchen and turning it into a client’s dream kitchen is what gives us joy.”

I suspect I am not unlike most other homeowners in that I prefer to do business with individuals who are not only highly qualified with a proven track record in their respective area of expertise, but also operate with integrity, personal attention and a straightforward “say what you mean, and mean what you say” approach.

When it comes to home remodeling, we’ve all heard horror stories of projects that went way over budget and took far longer than expected. For these reasons and more, it’s so refreshing to come across a company like Preferred Kitchen and Bath that is backed by the rave reviews and recommendations of scores of South County homeowners.

As Lead Designer, Julie and her team, including Designer Lea Biermann and Associate Designer Suzy Sparks “think like homeowners” asking themselves “Knowing what we know, what would we do if we were spending our own hard earned money on this project?” and “If we were the client, what would we want to know and how would we want to be treated?”

“We don’t think like contractors or salespeople even though we are both,” says Julie. “It starts with the attitude of the owners, which becomes the company culture and inevitably guides the day to day actions. We have attracted to our firm a wonderful family of designers and craftsmen which in turn help our clients imagine what they want and then make it a reality.”

When she started the company in 2003, Julie believed the Orange County market was ready for a remodeling company that thought and behaved differently.

“Many companies had operated here for a long time and had become complacent regarding the way they served homeowners,” she says. “I believed it could be done much better, which would improve people’s remodeling experience.”

This concept has clearly served her well as the full-service interior design and remodeling firm has grown from a small operation into a thriving business, it will still be Julie, Lea or Suzy who will personally come to your home and oversee your remodeling project – from start to finish.

“We have invested extensively in computers, software and displays so that you can get as clear a picture as possible what your kitchen or bath will look like before you spend a penny,” says Julie.

A team of caring, professional women run the daily operations of the company, including design, sales, ordering, scheduling and project management. They understand that when you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you are paying for more than just cabinets, counters, and fixtures. You are paying for designing, planning, scheduling, communicating and installing – a total remodeling experience culminating in a rewarding outcome or finished product.

“We realize there are a multitude of decisions to make when attempting any remodeling project,” says Julie. “That is why we pride ourselves on being there each step of the way. From the initial phases of space planning and construction to the color and finish selection your designer will help you make the right decisions. From beginning to end your designer is only a phone call away.”

But the true testament of a company’s success is its reputation in the industry and feedback from customers like Beverly Stumberg and John Dubbels of Mission Viejo who “love, love, love our new kitchen! We cannot believe that we have something so beautiful in our home.”

In a letter to Julie upon the completion of their kitchen remodel, they wrote “We trusted your design expertise and you did not disappoint. Thank you for “holding our hands” throughout the entire process. It definitely helped mitigate the stress – as did the timely finish. Your crews were outstanding in every way. We cannot recommend you highly enough.”

Ray and Jody Payne of Dana Point agree with Beverly and John’s assessment and add “we are truly happy with our new kitchen and our entire experience with Preferred Kitchen & Bath. Every phase of the job-from design, to products, to installation-exceeded our expectations. Preferred Kitchen & Bath made our kitchen remodel the easiest, fastest, and most pleasant home project of this magnitude we have ever done.

“After living with our new kitchen a few months, there is not one thing we would have done differently. The space works beautifully because of the time and attention Lea gave to the layout and design. The computer model meant we did not have to guess how it might look; we could actually see it. Lea worked with us closely to make sure our new cabinets, countertops and appliances were a perfect fit for our lifestyle. Lea checked everything so many times we did not have a single mistake in design. The cabinets we chose were the best quality and competitively priced. We never felt like we had to compromise. We got all the custom touches that make our kitchen unique: drawers-within-drawers, slide outs, spice racks, lighted displays and soft-close doors. The boxes were well built, the door finishes are gorgeous, and the guarantee is reassuring.

The workmen Preferred Kitchen & Bath employs are competent, trustworthy, and friendly. They were on time, on schedule and as minimally disruptive as possible. They left our home clean every evening. It is never easy having workers in your home, but they made it as painless as possible. Most important, they did the job right-and we are very picky. Preferred Kitchen & Bath kept every one of their promises. They delivered a quality custom kitchen at an excellent price. They gave us a detailed dated schedule and budget and stuck to it. We did not think it was possible to complete a major kitchen remodel in just one month, but Preferred Kitchen & Bath made it happen.”

“We pride ourselves on a 12-year track record of making even the most finicky clients very, very happy,” says Julie. “We have eaten in many of the kitchens we have built. How many contractors and designers can make that claim?”

Are you dreaming of a beautiful kitchen or bath remodel that fits your budget and lifestyle? Experience the personal attention and professional service of the Preferred Kitchen & Bath team by calling 949.830.6300, stopping by the showroom at 22600 Lambert St., Bldg.A, Suite 709 in Lake Forest or visiting

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