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by Ann Laurence
executives photos by Al Nomura

You might think you know what an alcoholic or addict looks and acts like. There’s a perception that people who abuse substances live substandard lives. But if you review current statistics regarding the growing number of high-functioning and successful abusers, you’ll realize nothing could be further from the truth.

Here in Orange County – arguably home to some of the country’s most affluent zip codes – men struggling with addiction are lawyers and doctors, high-profile athletes, executive level management, entrepreneurs and government officials. The abusers who fall into this category have money in the bank, well-mannered children in good schools, prestigious addresses and successful careers. We might not think of men in high-powered positions as substance abusers because their trappings of success enable them to hide their addiction so well.

Recent epidemiological studies show that successful men in their 30s and 40s who abuse drugs frequently come from backgrounds that aren’t normally considered at risk. While these individuals may be at the same base risk as the general population, they are increasingly susceptible due to the added stress of their professions.

“The disease of addiction and other behavioral health issues is complex and each person’s treatment needs are unique,” says Carl Mosen, Chief Executive Officer of the Newport Beach-based Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS), a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center. “So it stands to reason that a rehab and recovery process that works well for a teen male or a man in his 20s requires an entirely different approach for a professional man in his 40s.
“For instance, the focus of rehab for these individuals might be better directed at learning more about how to work with their substance abuse problem and the stresses of a professional life and a family. Health considerations also move to the forefront – a body at 40 reacts to the recovery process differently than it might have 20 years prior.”

This philosophy is at the core of the Hotel California by the Sea mission – to provide a safe environment and addiction treatment for professional men seeking treatment for dependence on alcohol and other substances.

“We are committed to treating each client with compassion, dignity and respect,” says Executive Director BJ Hickman. “For a treatment program to be effective, it is paramount that the treating clinicians really understand the man seeking help. Adult men who are struggling with addiction respond well to a level of service commensurate with their station in life. Many of the men who come to our program have accomplished a great deal in their careers and family lives, and they often have a great deal of financial responsibility. Although the daily schedule will vary, every client can be assured a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan, a healing environment with the highest privacy standards and every resource needed to begin life in recovery.”

Individualized approach
The Hotel California by the Sea treatment team understands that whatever is motivating a man to seek help is unique to him. For this reason, they strive to create a luxury addiction treatment program that is as individual as he is. Upon admission, clients undergo assessments that will provide their experienced addiction clinicians with the information they need to create a customized treatment plan.

In his testimonial, one 30-year-old professional who experienced his recovery at HCBTS says “I think the most important aspect of this program is the focus on age and maturity. Clientele is absolutely paramount towards its success. They’ve assembled the right staff. It helped being able to use my laptop and cell phone. They create an environment where you have every opportunity to get better. It’s only a matter of reaching out. I’m pleased. I was here to learn how to go about fixing the deep seeded issues that drove me into insanity. I feel really good about what I learned here. I have the opportunity interface with smart people who know the solutions. Hotel California by the Sea offered me the tools to recovery. The mature clientele was the difference. I have a solid foundation.”

The treatment team will consult with each client and one another throughout the course of an individual’s program to meet his specific needs as he progresses through the process of recovery. Some of these needs may relate to his current professional life or family life. To this end, HCBTS builds in flexibility so the men in its addiction programs have the best chance of successful recovery and transition back into life.

“Hotel California by the Sea offers true luxury accommodations for executive and well established men who want recovery,” says Mosen. “Recovery and learning to live substance free can be uncomfortable, that is why we make sure everything else is shrouded in first class comfort. From our beachside accommodations to our yacht meetings, we make sure that our men are taken care of while they learn to take care of themselves.”

Perhaps the best testament to the successes achieved at Hotel California by the Sea can be summed up in the words of a 53-year-old entrepreneur who experienced recovery through its luxury drug and alcohol treatment program:

“What a great place for me! Hotel California by the Sea has put this broken man back together. I’m relocating to Newport Beach – not because of the beach but because of the love from the staff of HCBTS. I received an exceptional amount of support, tools and a community to continue recovery.”

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