The Performer’s Academy

Being talented is almost a curse, unless you know who to talk to about developing your skills and networking. Natalie Costa, owner of The Performer’s Academy, knows exactly what it takes to help you or your child build the confidence and become who you/they were born to be.

“Since our staff is very active in the entertainment industry, they have first hand knowledge about the inner-workings and changes of the business, i.e., the SAG-AFTRA merger. We have a long-standing relationship with many agents and managers in Los Angeles so we can get question answered very easily. As a parent of a child who was in the industry, we can provide you with information on agency interaction/etiquette as well as what to expect when you are signed, go on auditions, the callbacks and booking the job,” comments Natalie.

Specializing in acting and performing workshops, including commercial, drama, plays, voice, hip hop, musical theatre and their new addition, “Socially Conscious Theater,” The Performer’s Academy is a highly sought after tool to building confidence and helping you get your name out there. At the Academy, there are two trains of thought. First, you are there to have fun and build self-esteem. Secondly, you are pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Are you a lawyer needing extra confidence for the big trial? Do you just want to conquer your shy tendencies? Or, do you want to fine-tune your acting skills and land the audition of a lifetime? That’s what the family at The Performer’s Academy can help you with.

But what sets The Performer’s Academy apart from other talent agencies, besides the fact that they are known as being a training academy? “We have very inexpensive pricing – monthly programs with no long-term commitments. I always have believed and still do that acting programs for children and teens should not cost thousands of dollars. We have an amazing faculty. Our teachers are film directors, writers, producer and working actors, and almost all of them drive from Los Angeles to come to OC to teach classes,” says Natalie.

With an impressive line up of successful students, The Performer’s Academy recipe for success is tried and true. They treat you like family and take the time to answer any questions or concerns. Natalie has taken the time to calculate an honest cost to give customers an idea to what people should be paying for and expecting to get with professional grade services. In addition to their incredible classes, they also provide birthday party services, in which your child can become the star! It’s also never too late to be thinking about their ever-popular summer classes, which focus around acting, singing and most of all, having fun while learning!

Their staff is talented, experienced and most importantly, understand what it takes to make it. These teachers include: Jeff Celentano, Brent and Shawn Huff, Randall England, Beverly Bremers, and many more. The Performer’s Academy success stories include young stars like, Max Page (played the super-cute young Darth Vader in last year’s VW Super Bowl commercial), Nick Roux (Jane By Design, Lemonaide Mouth), and Cozi Zuehlsdorff (Dolphin’s Tale), plus many more rising stars.

In addition Natalie served as executive producer for the award-winning documentary “Behind the Orange Curtain” after her daughter’s friend died from a prescription drug overdose. Directed by staff member, director and writer, Brent Huff, the film focuses on the hidden prescription and drug addiction issues that face Orange County. For more information on this film, please visit

If you’ve wanted to improve your skills, boost your confidence, or have a child in need of serious,professional grade services, look no further than The Performer’s Academy. Natalie and her staffare ready to help you become all that you can be! Call them at (949) 609.1600,or visit

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