Wild Birds Unlimited Bringing Birding into the Backyard

I went bird watching for the first time recently with a friend who is utterly obsessed with the Snowy Plover. A pretty inconspicuous, pale bird, the Plover is what the birding world calls a ‘wader’. Darting in and out of the sea foam as it rolls over the sand, the plover stops intermittently and pecks at the sand, looking for anything edible to consume. Frenetic, watching it scutter about, and yet easily some of the more relaxing hours I have spent on a beach in California.

Michelle and Jonathan Gottlieb know that exact feeling very well. Gifted a birdfeeder some time ago, the Gottlieb’s discovered a passion for birds and birding that they didn’t know existed. When Jonathan learned that they could franchise their passion and help nature by providing quality bird food to feeders in South Orange County, they jumped at the opportunity.

“What a difference we can make in people’s lives by helping them create a soothing, and yet exciting backyard experience of feeding wild birds!” Jonathan notes. With a background in corporate accounting and finance, bird feed seems like a far cry from his comfort zone. And yet the underlying goal for the family has always been making the world a better place. “Michelle is a psychotherapist and college professor – our son Noah has been working retail since he was allowed to work. Yet we’re so excited to create a team that can help others make the backyard birding experience we had come to life.

Wild Birds Unlimited provides customers with high quality, fresh bird food, feeders, resources for local birding, and personalized expertise and advice for each customer that walks through the door. Offering a wide range of feed is hugely important to Jonathan and Michelle, sourcing everything from bark butter to specialty bird blends, even squirrel proof feeders and the hardware to set them up. Seed tubes, Finch feeders, Nectar feeders, peanut feeders. Wild Birds Unlimited has it all. And as supporters of the Bolsa Chica Conservatory, The Sea and Sage Audubon Society, and bird rehabilitation, the Gottlieb’s are looking to make Wild Birds the place to be for birders in the OC – it’s the perfect time to stop in and see what good the wild can do for you too!

Wild Birds Unlimited is located at 7171 Warner Avenue, Suite H in Huntington Beach. Connect with Michelle and Jonathan by calling (714) 375-1333 or visit www.huntingtonbeach.wbu.com