You Grow, Pro

If you’re a business owner – whether you’re a small fish or big fish – you can’t escape the growing importance of online marketing. Neither could Dave Greek when he was running one of Orange County’s most productive mortgage companies prior to the atomic bomb now commonly known as the housing crisis. With a degree in economics and decades of business ownership experience across multiple industries, Dave took to marketing his mortgage brokerage through online mechanisms like a (big) fish takes to water. It was one of the reasons his company did so well right up until that bomb went off. When it did, Dave Greek, like so many, was forced to reinvent himself. The result was GoPro Internet Marketing.

Dave learned internet marketing by spending over a million dollars of his own money on pay-per-click ads, banner advertisements, and search engine optimization. He wasn’t trying to become an internet marketing expert; he was trying to grow his business using online marketing tools. After the housing crash, Dave’s marriage and his extensive business experience were just about all he was left holding. But those are no small things. He began putting his knowledge to work on behalf of other business owners who needed help competing for internet eyeballs.

Today, Dave Greek and the international team at GoPro Internet Marketing serve diverse clients, from publicly traded companies to law firms, from insurance organizations to local dentists. It’s a one-stop consultancy providing expertise in every facet of online marketing, including search engine optimization (so your business shows up near the top when a potential customer searches for what you offer); Google, and Facebook pay-per-click ads; email marketing; social media establishment, customer management, and lead generation; list building, including automated email messaging, contest creation and complete CRM management; and of course, GoPro also designs, builds and manages websites.

No doubt about it, internet marketing is a competitive and rapidly developing space. Many consultants promise results, but few can actually deliver on those promises. That’s because it takes in-the-trenches, rubber-meets-the-road experience in business, not just marketing, to create an online marketing plan that actually works.

Dave and his colleagues have found that companies get about half of the sales process right, but leave much opportunity on the table due to inefficient systems or programs that aren’t geared towards follow-up, cross-selling and the true life value of a customer.

“The biggest value we bring is our ability to truly identify what a company needs,” says Greek. “We can make the phone ring but if the systems aren’t in place to handle volume, sales and follow-up, it’s a waste of time. That’s why we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine what systems are lacking and we immediately go after low hanging fruit while we implement new systems to generate quick revenue, then we turn on more sophisticated programs when the company is ready for it. It’s hard to conceptualize a strategy unless you’ve actually done it in the real world.”

Ultimately, it’s that real-world experience that sets GoPro Internet Marketing apart from most online marketing firms. They’ve been in their clients’ shoes, and they’ve walked the entire length of the learning curve in them.

If you are wondering if your business is in need of some attention from GoPro, consider these questions: Is your company, product or service easy to find online? Are you active in all the online places where your target customers hang out? Do you have an easy, automated way to engage current or potential customers and follow up with them over time? Do you have a plan to start using mobile phone marketing for your business? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s a good time to connect with Dave Greek and GoPro Internet Marketing… and go from little fish to big fish.

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